First Baptist Church
In 2007 First Baptist Church of Ingleside had come to 100 years of history of caring for the spiritual well being of the people of the Northshore. The cumulative number of people ministered to is one that astounds us. Thousands of people have found a relationship to Christ here. Many have served and continue to serve the cause of Christ at First Baptist Church. It is the only right that we have honored the past 102 years of faithul ministry here.

The people in the past have been very instrumental in the life of this church.God has blessed the Northshore with the lives of thousands of church people who have cared about the spiritual lives of this area.

It is fitting that we note the present members who are following in the footsteps of those who have gone before us are now leading First Baptist Church into the future.

Our future is secure because this church belongs to Jesus Christ and whatever he has for us will be wonderful when we do His will.
Pastor Forrest Smith